Cost Per Click on Google

 What is Cost Per Click (CPC) on Google and is this good for my online business?  YES.  Get on this channel of advertising right away if you haven’t already started on this type of online advertising.  This is targeted traffic and when set up properly on the Google Network, you will see some pretty amazing results.  This again is provided you have done your homework in picking the right company to do the job.  We complete against SEO firms that claim to “Get You To The Top Of Google” for XXX amount of dollars.  We have initiated bidding wars with these small, let’s say less experienced marketers, and scared them almost straight to MSN by outclassing their online positions with “The doing it right principle” on the Google Network.  When Google owns over 83 % market share of online traffic, it is good to play with this 80 Billion dollar empire called Google properly.

Golden Rules for CPC ::

  1. Never allow an Adwords to run itself
  2. Never make too many changes at one time
  3. Never let Google run your budget
  4. Never let google decide what is best for you
  5. Always allow time for changes to take effect
  6. Always work in intervals of seven days
  7. Always keep control
  8. A neglected Adwords account is a dangerous Adwords account

TIP for Pay Per Clickers on Google ::

  1. Get Your Quality Score Up
  2. Keep Click Cost Down
  3. Then Get Your Position Up
  4. Good Click Through Rate

Here is one of our latest clients at Swan Canada.  We positioned Swan Canada ~ Serenity Ridge Condos in Canmore to top placement, all while keeping a control on cost.

Swan Canada Top Placement on Google PPC by Team VIP

Swan Canada Top Placement on Google CPC by Team VIP


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