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Kijiji Optimization ~ Kijiji is a VIP TOP Choice

What is Kijiji Optimization?  Kijiji Optimization is very useful tool to the business owner.  Kijiji, if utilized properly, can add a very strong element to your online marketing plan.  Optimization on Kijiji utilizes an extremely high trafficked website in Kijiji that boost power listings on the Google search engine for your business key phrases.  Are we letting the cat out of the bag in our industry with talking about all out trade secrets?  NO.  This is what the internet is about, we live in the information age now and the more information we can give to you, is the way the Information Age works.   We can give you every secret, like telling you how to fix your car.  That doesn’t not translate into you fixing your car, but the internet allows this.  You can learn.  It is very difficult the esoteric knowledge we possess online with our local marketing strategies and our usage of the Google Network as a major resources.  The hottest thing with Kijiji Optimization is that it is FAST.  The wait time for keywords is limited when waiting for the major search engines of the world to pick up your website.  My question is why wouldn’t you piggy-back off a larger website that is already highly effective and established online, like Kijiji?

Like we say, “You can just believe the boat floats and get on, or we can sit waste the day, explaining how the boat floats…and then get on anyways.”

Kijiji Optimization ~ Team VIP











So, as you click around our picture of our Kijiji Optimization, you will find that we do some pretty clear things to gain the measurable traffic of the TOP Spot on Google under that key phrase.  Kijiji is just another means of getting fast related traffic through Google Network from the Kijiji classifieds and the actual listing on Kijiji classifieds themselves.  So for the more in depth look, please refer to the Kijiji Optimization dates on there.  As we writing this on Thursday March 26th 2009, the date that was listed on the ad placement on Kijiji was March 25th 2009.  Hmmm, does Kijiji Optimization work?  Tons!

Even though the key phrase is nnot that sought after, we prove our point

Even though the key phrase is not that sought after, we prove our point



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