Domain Name Optimization

Domain Name Optimization

Does a domain name matter with my website optimization and being found on the top rankings on Google?  FACT:  Domain Names do Matter.  Having a domain name with your keywords for optimization now a days is near impossible right?  Wrong.  Another fact is that domains names, even though over 17 ooo domains added to the internet daily, the good ones are hard to come by (.com, .ca, et cetera), good ones still exist in new extensions (.info, .biz, .tv, et cetera) or the old hyphenated domain names.

In the old school days of SEO, some call the blackhat days, domain name business was hot and domains meant something then too.  Well another fact, there are a lot of people that make good money from domain name purchasing today.  Why?  Probably because they found a niche that most people over look their domain names.  But, do not be surprised when I say that most (approx. 95 %) do not have an online business plan going into their web development, so it is not surprising to find this business continuing to flourish.  Domain names that is.

And don’t be fooled by the web guy who tells you it is not good to have two domains pointed to the same site.  Hogwash.  Mirroring site is not good for the engines, but having a domain with a good 301 is never a bad idea.  One public domain (Maybe your company name) and one made for search engines (Keyword rich domain), primarily for Google.

So think about your Domain name and think about the long term optimization with all other pertinent criteria to making a favourably positioned website with a good domain (URL) for the Google Network.


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