Directory Optimization

Directory Optimization

Directory Optimization is massive, bottom line.  To get listed on these hugely organized website directories and listed properly can increase your online websites performance very quickly.  But you cannot just jump into Directory Optimization and hope that by listing your company you will get good traffic.   Some Directories are more harmful than beneficial.  Badly constructed Directories that do not perform well are wasted and some targeted small Directory can bring your web ranking on Google down.

Anyone who ask here are the freebies that most companies are looking for when researching and usually go and add into these Directories themselves.  Before you go into these, read a forum line we left on Canadian Business Online in regards to some key points to look at when utilizing Directory Optimization.

You have to list your business in the most optimal way in accordance with the directories layout.  Look at the listing and see the patterns of listings.  Also, go to Alexa and get the site score to see if it is worth it.

Tip :: When getting phone calls to your business or unsolicited emails, look into the results of others before getting into the sales pitch.   What we always utilize is, if the Directory is so confident of  their success for your business listing, tell them you will pay on lead qualification and closes only.  Most Directories should be set up to take a potential sale further into the sale process with you and become more qualified.  Now with that being said, there is massive potential to be listed on the top of Directories as well.  If you go to a Directory and there are 25 listings, wouldn’t you probably look into the top few?  Just like on Google, you only search the top page.

Good luck, here are the few Directories for your Directory Optimization of my choice in Canada.


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