Blog Optimization

Blog Optimization
Did you know you were looking at our sales blog?
FACT : According to Hitwise, 54 % of searchers are typing in 3 key words per search.  8 % are typing in 4 or more key words per search.
Blog Optimization is a highly effective way to communicate your business messages online on the Google Network under multiple key phrases.   On the Google Network we get your business top placements under your business key phrases.  Our Blog Optimization Program will situate your blog in the top positions under your industry key phrases.  Your blog can be updated regularly and feature your business specials, events, key note dates, information releases, et cetera.  Blog Optimization is a undiscovered trend on the Internet that allows your business to dominate key phrases on Google. 
Here is a blog we have created for a colleague, a Canmore Realtor.  Richard Greaves is a realtor for RE/MAX Alpine Realty in Canmore Alberta and we have taken Richard to new heights online within one week.  Below is the Blog for Richard as well below the Blog Optimization and key phrases we have optimized.
Now we will get into the Blog Optimization that we have put together here at Team VIP.  Knowing that Google loves new updated and the latest information to the end user, we get the articles from Richard, make them more key phrase rich and post with targeted tags for the blog.  Blog Optimization consist of putting together multiple criteria from a variety of systems.  I put all the information on Blog Optimization in Calgary or Canmore because we hope that businesses do this.  Blog Optimization is massive right now.  Take advantage on the Google Network with our Blog Optimization for Google and business listings.  Another extreme advantage that Blog Optimization hold is when you take a new spot for a key phrase on Google, you are actually bumping your competition from this page of placing your information on a higher ranked position. 

Take a look at the key phrases that our Blog Optimization for Richard has done. 

Here are the key phrases optimized on Google :

Selling My Home in Canmore ~ Page 1 on Google ~ 1st, 2nd, 3rd Positions Results 110 of about 44,700 for Selling My Home in Canmore

Recreational Condos in Canmore ~ Page 1 Google ~ 1st and 2nd Positions  Results 110 of about 16,100 for Recreational Condos in Canmore

List Your Home in Canmore ~ Page 1 on Google ~ 1st and 2nd Positions Results 110 of about 122,000 for List Your Home in Canmore

List Your Home in Canmore ~ Blog Optimization by Team VIP
List Your Home in Canmore ~ Blog Optimization by Team VIP

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