VIP Opening Satellite Offices :: HELP WANTED

During what looks to be a bleak economic forecast for the businesses across Canada in 2009, Team VIP is in search for new aggressive minded sales people to open satellite regions in the Major hub cities across Canada.

What Team VIP sells is the Top Spot on Google and the best thing about our sales platform, is everyone knows Google.  Getting Top Spot on Google requires the work of the Team VIP members and not the sales people.  The sales people sell, no work involved after contract signing with new clients.  Can you sell the Top Spot on Google in your region?  Team VIP wants the best, wants hungry sales people to fill these spots.

You will buy your own business cards from our partners at the UPS Stores across Canada.  You will also have the opportunity to buy your brochure for your sales and the email programs and support here at VIP are always free.  

Team VIP will pay for a local Chamber of Commerce Membership in your local area of sales to promote all aspects of integral business.  You will be required to attend one (1) Chamber Meeting at your cost monthly.  Summer months are taken off by the Chambers summer business closures.

To apply for a Sales position with Team VIP, contact us via online only and response will be held for only those meeting company guidelines, policies and practises of hiring.  We thank everyone in advance for taking the opportunity to work with one of the fastest growing sales forces in Canada.

Never mind layoffs, we are growing and growing rapidly, jump on the success train and apply today for your region. Team VIP supplies all the tools you need to get started making money in sales in what is called a bad economy.  The Internet, especially Google is constantly growing and achieving top numbers.

Areas of interest for Team VIP

  • Edmonton Alberta
  • Calgary Alberta
  • Red Deer Alberta
  • Lethbridge Alberta
  • Medicine Hat Alberta
  • Kelowna British Columbia
  • Vernon British Columbia
  • Abbottsford British Columbia
  • Kamloops British Columbia
  • Vancouver British Columbia
  • Victoria British Columbia
  • Nanaimo British Columbia
  • Regina Saskatchewan
  • Saskatoon Saskatchewan
  • Winnipeg Manitoba
  • St. Catherines Ontario

Re-numeration And Support

  • Full Online Training on Our Services
  • Chamber of Commerce Membership in Your Area
  • Business Card Creation
  • Custom Brochure Creation for Sales
  • Ongoing and Up To The Minute Notifications
  • Sales Strategies and Funnel Building
  • Access to Information Articles
  • Up To Date Area Web Blog
  • Top Commisson Structure of 25 Points (Best in the Market*)
  • We Generate Leads to You Directly

Fill out our online form and a representative from Team VIP will respond within a timely manner if all conditions of our email policies are met.


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