VIP Net Direct of Canmore Alberta, has been an online staple point of technology when looking into the search engines of the world.  What started in th web design and development industry took to new levels of online success, mastering the search engines like Googleand MSN and directories like Yahoo and DMOZ.  VIP run a Calgary Business Directory, an Edmonton Business Directory and an Okanagan Business Directory and uses this tool for the Directory Optimization that we perform as well. 


We were going to put some accolades of us on here but thought better not to bore you with awards and achievements.  Modesty runs deep, and actions speak much more than words.  Walk through the Sales Blog here, be our guest.  We have something of extreme value, Google knows it.  We sell Google Packages for business optimization and enhance a businesses bottom line.  It is just a real laugh to us to see that we cannot advertise selling the TOP Spot on Google Local because that will be reserved for Google to drop the ball in September 2009.  Hmmm.  Remember you heard it hear first people.

We wouldn’t be recognized as “The Google Guru’s” if we did not practise what we preached and locally dominated our industry online on the Google Network.   You know the web design firm that spontaniously calls you and asks if you want to be top on Google.  First, ask where they are positioned on Google.  Sounds like selling hope rather than results.  How can that be said, when Team VIP plays in the same backyard as the Google Team. 

Here is our Google Network listings:

Team VIP Held 7 of the 14 spots available on Page 1 of Google Network

Team VIP Held 7 of the 14 spots available on Page 1 of Google Network


VIP Net Direct gets your business TOP spot on Google







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