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VIP Leads 2010 Olympic Games Extra Lodging Site

Team VIP has been chosen as the lead consultants on an Olympic web portal for extra lodging.  This project has Global SEO requirements in a select group of languages. (more…)


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Calgary Plumber Dominates on Google :: VIP Report

Calgary Plumber Dominates on Google

Ok, Ok hold the phone a minute and pardon the pun, but we are going to leak  a powerful strategy here and the understanding of the domination on Google under some key word terms for our friends at Hansen Plumbing.  On the Free Tool from Google, the amount of key terms searched on the Google Network under the term Plumber Calgary (170 times searched on Google), Calgary Plumbers (91 times searched on Google) and finally top spot on the key term on Google Calgary Plumbing (590 searched on Google) in March 2009 alone. 

That is 851 times searched on Google.  Let’s arguably give them a CTR (Click Through Rate) of 3 % which then equals = 25.5 leads. 

Note the key positions on Google we have focused on.  Lets think.  When someone is looking for a plumber, generally we would anticipate they need one right?  You don’t often generally search plumbers in your free time do you?  So it would be obvious that the two key positions on Google are TOP Spot on Google Local and TOP Spot on Google Adwords.  The reason behind it is when people need a plumber they need them now, maybe emergency like, so positioning TOP Spot on Google in two areas has two very powerful advantages.  It is called domination people. 

To my new friends in Cincinnati, we hope everything works out, we are excited at the opportunity.  Enjoy these feature success shots.  Ensure you click on the picture and double click to enlarge to screen size.  Then use your arrow back button to navigate back to the article.

Note the Month of March Visits Hit 851 ~ TOP Spot on Google Helps

Note the Month of March Visits Hit 851 ~ TOP Spot on Google Helps

Kent Hansen Plumbing Earns TOP Spot on Google Under Local and Adwords

Kent Hansen Plumbing Earns TOP Spot on Google Under Local and Adwords

Google Top Spot Again for Both Google Local And Google Adwords

Google Top Spot Again for Both Google Local And Google Adwords

Kent Hansen Continues Google Domination from Team VIP

Kent Hansen Continues Google Domination from Team VIP

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Google Business Solutions : Adding Google To Your Business

Google Business Solutions : Adding Google To Your Business

At 83 % of the search engine traffic (Source : Search Engine Trends), how could any business not see that adding Google to your business plan is a massive resource, but not the only one.   Google won’t be the answer, but it is an element in the equation to business success, especially online success.  Adding Google is like adding the Yellow Pages 15 – 20 years ago, as a business you could not do without it, Google is what we call the equivalent to the big expensive Yellow Pages now a days.  In the very near future we will be adding all of the features of Google, including the Google Store and tools like the Google External Keyword Tool which is free to use and a great tool for for your Google Adwords program in Canada.

Use Google properly and it has huge advantages.  Use a company that understands Google and a company that has an enormous history with Google dating back to the Adwords conception in 2003.  We were making green ( $$$) off Google and receiving pay cheques from Google dating back in the days of the induction of Affiliate Marketing and third party applications on website for such companies like Fido, Motorola, Nokia, Visa and American Express, just to name a few.

Google recently slap my wrist by taking an entire town Google Local Business out of commission for boasting that I cracked them.  I live here I do not do business here.  Hey Google, remove Calgary and Edmonton and Ontario, where I do most business, I dare you!  I find the balance in the Canadian Rockies, it is home.  So removed is Canmore Google Local Business from the search engine allstars at Google.  WHY?  Maybe because I placed a few accolades of my clients success on here, got slapped and Google punishes the Town of Canmore businesses to searchers.   With Google doing this to the market of the Google Local in Canmore and I opened a new door and market for Organic Search Engine Optimization and long string keywords on Blog Optimization and Feature Yahoo solutions compared to Google’s.  Note:  Google knows how much money I bring them per month, it is the greatest thing about the internet is it is all trackable.  Google will forgive us, one day.  😮

Let it also be known that I am a shareholder of the stock of Google (GOOG‎ – Google Inc. {NASDAQ}), have been since conception, see August article 2004 on CNN Money about the Google movement and more information on the opening of the stock.

Continue back in the next few days to read more on the Google’s business solutions and options.  Google business solutions work…bottom line!

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Quote of the Month

“Having a website without SEO, is like spending to make a TV Commercial and forgetting to buy air time.”

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